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· Changes in Stratospheric ClO and HCl Concentrations under Different Greenhouse Gas Emission Scenarios
· Responses of Irrigated Winter Wheat Yield in North China to Increased Temperature and Elevated CO2 Concentration
· Flux Footprint Climatology Estimated by Three Analytical Models of a Subtropical Coniferous Plantation in Southeastern China


· JMR参加第95届美国气象学会年会展会
· 第二十八届《气象学报》编审委员会成立
· 《气象学报(英文版)》JCR影响因子突破1.0


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 No.1,2015 Contents


Satellite Data Assimilation of Upper-Level Sounding Channels in HWRF with Two Different Model Tops
ZOU Xiaolei,WENG Fuzhong,Vijay TALLAPRAGADA,LIN Lin,ZHANG Banglin,WU Chenfeng,QIN Zhengkun  (1—27)
[Abstract](131) [PDF](153) [HTML]
Impact of Assimilating Radiances with the WRFDA ETKF/3DVAR Hybrid System on Prediction of Two Typhoons in 2012
XU Dongmei,HUANG Xiang-Yu,WANG Hongli,Arthur P. MIZZI,MIN Jinzhong  (28—40)
[Abstract](88) [PDF](131) [HTML]
Synoptic Pattern and Severe Weather Associated with the Wide Convection over Southeast China During the Summer Monsoon Period
WANG Hui,LUO Yali,ZHANG Renhe  (41—58)
[Abstract](261) [PDF](223) [HTML]
Interdecadal Change of the Northward Jump Time of the Western Pacific Subtropical High in Association with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation
YE Tianshu,SHEN Qian,WANG Kuo,ZHANG Zhisen,ZHAO Junhu  (59—71)
[Abstract](185) [PDF](201) [HTML]
Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in WRF Model: Sensitivity to Autoconversion Parameterization
XIE Xiaoning,LIU Xiaodong  (72—81)
[Abstract](340) [PDF](231) [HTML]
An Attempt to Improve Kessler-Type Parameterization of Warm Cloud Microphysical Conversion Processes Using CloudSat Observations
YIN Jinfang,WANG Donghai,ZHAI Guoqing  (82—92)
[Abstract](200) [PDF](179) [HTML]
Response of Atmospheric Energy to Historical Climate Change in CMIP5
HAN Bo,LÜ Shihua,GAO Yanhong,AO Yinhuan,LI Ruiqing  (93—105)
[Abstract](202) [PDF](182) [HTML]
Connections Between the South Asian Summer Monsoon and the Tropical Sea Surface Temperature in CMIP5
LI Ruiqing LI Ruiqing,LÜ Shihua,HAN Bo,GAO Yanhong  (106—118)
[Abstract](282) [PDF](196) [HTML]
Sensitivity of Precipitation over China to Different Cumulus Parameterization Schemes in RegCM4
ZHANG Shaobo,LÜ Shihua,BAO Yan,MA Di  (119—131)
[Abstract](268) [PDF](468) [HTML]
Improved Wind and Precipitation Forecasts over South China Using a Modified Orographic Drag Parameterization Scheme
ZHONG Shuixin,CHEN Zitong  (132—143)
[Abstract](255) [PDF](250) [HTML]
A Remote Sensing Model to Estimate Sunshine Duration in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China
ZHU Xiaochen,QIU Xinfa,ZENG Yan,GAO Jiaqi,HE Yongjian  (144—154)
[Abstract](150) [PDF](215) [HTML]


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