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· Underestimation of Oceanic Warm Cloud Occurrences by the Cloud Profiling Radar aboard CloudSat
· Nonlinear Responses of Oceanic Temperature to Wind Stress Anomalies in Tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans—A Study Based on Numerical Experiments with an OGCM
· An Example of Canal in a Thick Cloud Induced by Massive Seeding using Liquid Carbon Dioxide


· 气象学报》第二十八届编委会2015年第一次常务编委会召开
· 中国气象学会第二十八届理事会气象期刊工作委员会组建成立
· JMR参加第95届美国气象学会年会展会


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 No.2,2015 Contents


In-Situ Measurements of Cloud-Precipitation Microphysics in the East Asian Monsoon Region Since 1960
WANG Donghai,YIN Jinfang,ZHAI Guoqing  (155—179)
[Abstract](268) [PDF](365) [HTML]
A Comparison of the Physical and Optical Properties of Anthropogenic Air Pollutants and Mineral Dust over Northwest China
WANG Xin,PU Wei,SHI Jinsen,BI Jianrong,ZHOU Tian,ZHANG Xueying,REN Yong  (180—200)
[Abstract](310) [PDF](532) [HTML]
An Observed Connection Between Wintertime Temperature Anomalies over Northwest China and Weather Regime Transitions in North Atlantic
LI Chao,ZHANG Qingyun  (201—213)
[Abstract](221) [PDF](365) [HTML]
Possible Causes of the Interdecadal Transition of the Somali Jet Around the Late 1990s
XIAO Ziniu,SHI Wenjing,YANG Ping  (214—227)
[Abstract](248) [PDF](343) [HTML]
A New Circulation Index to Describe Variations in Winter Temperature in Southwest China
SHEN Lelin,CHEN Longxun,JIN Qihua,ZHU Yanfeng  (228—236)
[Abstract](210) [PDF](173) [HTML]
Numerical Study of the Impacts of Urban Expansion on Meiyu Precipitation over Eastern China
MA Xinye,ZHANG Yaocun  (237—256)
[Abstract](327) [PDF](356) [HTML]
Impact of 4DVAR Assimilation of AIRS Total Column Ozone Observations on the Simulation of Hurricane Earl
LIU Yin,ZOU Xiaolei  (257—271)
[Abstract](284) [PDF](340) [HTML]
Super-Parameterization in GRAPES: The Construction of SP-GRAPES and Associated Preliminary Results
ZHU Feng,XU Guoqiang,ZHENG Xiaohui,WANG Yuhong  (272—292)
[Abstract](277) [PDF](258) [HTML]
Interaction Between Typhoon Vicente (1208) and the Western Pacific Subtropical High During the Beijing Extreme Rainfall of 21 July 2012
WEN Yongren,XUE Lin,LI Ying,WEI Na,LÜ Aimin  (293—304)
[Abstract](263) [PDF](393) [HTML]
Summertime Thermally-Induced Circulations over the Lake Nam Co Region of the Tibetan Plateau
YANG Xianyu,LÜ Yaqiong,MA Yaoming,WEN Jun  (305—314)
[Abstract](215) [PDF](269) [HTML]
A Comparison of De-noising Methods for Differential Phase Shift and Associated Rainfall Estimation
HU Zhiqun,LIU Liping,WU Linlin,WEI Qing  (315—327)
[Abstract](210) [PDF](294) [HTML]
Impact of the Vertical Velocity Field on Charging Processes and Charge Separation in a Simulated Thunderstorm
WANG Fei,ZHANG Yijun,ZHENG Dong,XU Liangtao  (328—343)
[Abstract](253) [PDF](131) [HTML]
Variation Characteristics of Regional Synchronous Wind in Hami, Xinjiang of Northwest China
HUANG Linhong,SONG Lili,LI Gang,XIN Yu  (344—357)
[Abstract](225) [PDF](275) [HTML]


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