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· Some Advances in Impacts of the Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode on Climate
· Application of Conditional Nonlinear Optimal Perturbation to Targeted Observation Studies of the Atmosphere and Ocean
· Changed Relationships between the East Asian Summer Monsoon Circulations and Summer Rainfall in Eastern China


· 《气象学报(英文版)》国际影响力提升计划由C类递补上升至B类
· 《气象学报》第二十七届编审委员会2014年第一次常务编委会议召开
· 《气象学报(英文版)》2014年1期已更名为Journal of Meteorological Research


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 No.3,2014 Contents


Simulation and Projection of the Western Pacific Subtropical High in CMIP5 Models
LIU Yunyun,LI Weijing,ZUO Jinqing,HU Zeng-Zhen  (327—340)
[Abstract](302) [PDF](226) [HTML]
Numerical Study of the Effect of Anthropogenic Aerosols on Spring Persistent Rain over Eastern China
DENG Jiechun,XU Haiming,MA Hongyun,JIANG Zhihong  (341—353)
[Abstract](386) [PDF](138) [HTML]
An Overview of the Studies on Black Carbon and Mineral Dust Deposition in Snow and Ice Cores in East Asia
WANG Xin,XU Baiqing,MING Jing  (354—370)
[Abstract](155) [PDF](168) [HTML]
Spatiotemporal Variations of Cloud Amount over the Yangtze River Delta, China
ZHAO Wenjing,ZHANG Ning,SUN Jianning  (371—380)
[Abstract](174) [PDF](137) [HTML]
Characteristics of the Regional Meteorological Drought Events in Southwest China During 1960-2010
LI Yunjie,REN Fumin,LI Yiping,WANG Pengling,YAN Hongming  (381—392)
[Abstract](164) [PDF](105) [HTML]
Distribution Characteristics of the Intensity and Extreme Intensity of Tropical Cyclones Influencing China
ZHENG Yongguang,CHEN Jiong,TAO Zuyu  (393—406)
[Abstract](140) [PDF](94) [HTML]
Mean Structure of Tropical Cyclones Making Landfall in Mainland China
BAI Lina,YU Hui,XU Yinglong,WANG Yuan  (407—419)
[Abstract](243) [PDF](141) [HTML]
Marine-Atmospheric Boundary Layer Characteristics over the South China Sea During the Passage of Strong Typhoon Hagupit
CHENG Xueling,WU Lin,SONG Lili,WANG Binglan,ZENG Qingcun  (420—429)
[Abstract](161) [PDF](121) [HTML]
The First Observed Cloud Echoes and Microphysical Parameter Retrievals by China's 94-GHz Cloud Radar
WU Juxiu,WEI Ming,HANG Xin,ZHOU Jie,ZHANG Peichang,LI Nan  (430—443)
[Abstract](192) [PDF](114) [HTML]
Soil Moisture Effects on Sand Saltation and Dust Emission Observed over the Horqin Sandy Land Area in China
LI Xiaolan,ZHANG Hongsheng  (444—452)
[Abstract](133) [PDF](140) [HTML]
Simulation of the Electrification of a Tropical Cyclone Using the WRF-ARW Model:An Idealized Case
XU Liangtao,ZHANG Yijun,WANG Fei,ZHENG Dong  (453—468)
[Abstract](262) [PDF](127) [HTML]
Scenario Analysis on the Adaptation of Different Maize Varieties to Future Climate Change in Northeast China
XU Yanhong,GUO Jianping,ZHAO Junfang,MU Jia  (469—480)
[Abstract](152) [PDF](123) [HTML]


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