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· Impact of the 4DVAR Assimilation of AIRS Total Column Ozone Observations on the Simulation of Hurricane Earl
· Possible Causes of the Interdecadal Transition of the Somali Jet around the Late-1990s
· Interaction of summertime thermally-induced circulations over the Lake Nam Co Region of the Tibetan Plateau


· 《气象学报(英文版)》JCR影响因子突破1.0
· 《气象学报(英文版)》国际影响力提升计划由C类递补上升至B类
· 《气象学报》第二十七届编审委员会2014年第一次常务编委会议召开


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 No.5,2014 Contents


DING Yihui,WU Guoxiong,Da-Lin ZHANG,ZHANG Renhe,Co-Chief Editors  (669—670)
[Abstract](158) [PDF](216) [HTML]
Research Progress in China on the Tropical Atmospheric Intraseasonal Oscillation
LI Chongyin,LING Jian,SONG Jie,PAN Jing,TIAN Hua,CHEN Xiong  (671—692)
[Abstract](299) [PDF](315) [HTML]
Interdecadal Variability of the East Asian Winter Monsoon and Its Possible Links to Global Climate Change
DING Yihui,LIU Yanju,LIANG Sujie,MA Xiaoqing,ZHANG Yingxian,SI Dong,LIANG Ping,SONG Yafang,ZHANG Jin  (693—713)
[Abstract](197) [PDF](295) [HTML]
Progress in Research of Stratosphere-Troposphere Interactions: Application of Isentropic Potential Vorticity Dynamics and the Effects of the Tibetan Plateau
REN Rongcai,WU Guoxiong,CAI Ming,SUN Shuyue,LIU Xin,LI Weiping  (714—731)
[Abstract](194) [PDF](264) [HTML]
Progress in Studies of Cryospheric Changes and Their Impacts on Climate of China
QIN Dahe,ZHOU Botao,XIAO Cunde  (732—746)
[Abstract](161) [PDF](206) [HTML]
Two-Dimensional Energy Balance Model and Its Application to Some Climatic Issues
LI Yaokun,CHAO Jiping  (747—761)
[Abstract](195) [PDF](199) [HTML]
Development of Earth/Climate System Models in China: A Review from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Perspective
ZHOU Tianjun,ZOU Liwei,WU Bo,JIN Chenxi,SONG Fengfei,CHEN Xiaolong,ZHANG Lixia  (762—779)
[Abstract](266) [PDF](357) [HTML]
Progress in the Study of the Dynamics of Extratropical Atmospheric Teleconnection Patterns and Their Impacts on East Asian Climate
TAN Benkui,CHEN Wen  (780—802)
[Abstract](212) [PDF](265) [HTML]
Assessing the Stability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation of the Past, Present, and Future
LIU Wei,LIU Zhengyu  (803—819)
[Abstract](311) [PDF](434) [HTML]
Some Advances in Studies of the Climatic Impacts of the Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode
ZHENG Fei,LI Jianping,LIU Ting  (820—835)
[Abstract](249) [PDF](353) [HTML]
The Observed and Simulated Major Summer Climate Features in Northwest China and Their Sensitivity to Land Surface Processes
LI Qian,XUE Yongkang  (836—848)
[Abstract](240) [PDF](292) [HTML]
Overview of Advances in Synoptic Meteorology: Four Stages of Development in Conceptual Models of Frontal Cyclones
TAO Zuyu,XIONG Qiufen,ZHENG Yongguang  (849—858)
[Abstract](225) [PDF](253) [HTML]
An Overview of Nowcasting Development, Applications, and Services in the Hong Kong Observatory
LI Ping-Wah,WONG Wai-Kin,CHEUNG Ping,YEUNG Hon-Yin  (859—876)
[Abstract](192) [PDF](236) [HTML]
Progress in Studies of the Precipitation Diurnal Variation over Contiguous China
YU Rucong,LI Jian,CHEN Haoming,YUAN Weihua  (877—902)
[Abstract](260) [PDF](270) [HTML]
Review of the Field Measurements and Parameterization for Dust Emission During Sand-Dust Events
ZHANG Hongsheng,LI Xiaolan  (903—922)
[Abstract](185) [PDF](195) [HTML]
Application of Conditional Nonlinear Optimal Perturbation to Targeted Observation Studies of the Atmosphere and Ocean
MU Mu,WANG Qiang,DUAN Wansuo,JIANG Zhina  (923—933)
[Abstract](184) [PDF](194) [HTML]
Development of the Analogue-Dynamical Method for Error Correction of Numerical Forecasts
YU Haipeng,HUANG Jianping,LI Weijing,FENG Guolin  (934—947)
[Abstract](160) [PDF](199) [HTML]
Innovations in the Data Processing Algorithm for Chinese FY Meteorological Satellites
XU Jianmin,GUO Qiang,LU Qifeng,LU Feng,ZHANG Xiaohu  (948—964)
[Abstract](142) [PDF](164) [HTML]
Cloud Parameters Retrieved by the Bispectral Reflectance Algorithm and Associated Applications
FU Yunfei  (965—982)
[Abstract](196) [PDF](196) [HTML]
Recent Advances in Research of Lightning Meteorology
QIE Xiushu,LIU Dongxia,SUN Zhuling  (983—1002)
[Abstract](269) [PDF](260) [HTML]


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