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· Improved Wind Circulations and Precipitation Forecasts over Southwest China using a Modified Orographic Parameterization Scheme
· Aerosol-cloud-precipitation Interactions in WRF Model: Sensitivity to Autoconversion Parameterization
· Connections between the South Asian Summer Monsoon and the Tropical Sea Surface Temperature in CMIP5


· 《气象学报(英文版)》JCR影响因子突破1.0
· 《气象学报(英文版)》国际影响力提升计划由C类递补上升至B类
· 《气象学报》第二十七届编审委员会2014年第一次常务编委会议召开


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 No.4,2014 Contents


Chinese Contribution to CMIP5:An Overview of Five Chinese Models’Performances
ZHOU Tianjun,CHEN Xiaolong,DONG Lu,WU Bo,MAN Wenmin,ZHANG Lixia,LIN Renping,YAO Junchen,SONG Fengfei,ZHAO Chongbo  (481—509)
[Abstract](236) [PDF](416) [HTML]
Track of Super Typhoon Haiyan Predicted by a Typhoon Model for the South China Sea
CHEN Zitong,ZHANG Chengzhong,HUANG Yanyan,FENG Yerong,ZHONG Shuixin,DAI Guangfeng,XU Daosheng,YANG Zhaoli  (510—523)
[Abstract](129) [PDF](116) [HTML]
Variations in Regional Mean Daily Precipitation Extremes and Related Circulation Anomalies over Central China During Boreal Summer
KE Dan,GUAN Zhaoyong  (524—539)
[Abstract](133) [PDF](203) [HTML]
The Persistent Heavy Rainfall over Southern China in June 2010:Evolution of Synoptic Systems and the Effects of the Tibetan Plateau Heating
LI Xuesong,LUO Yali,GUAN Zhaoyong  (540—560)
[Abstract](171) [PDF](225) [HTML]
Overview of the Major 2012-2013 Northern Hemisphere Stratospheric Sudden Warming:Evolution and Its Association with Surface Weather
LIU Yi,ZHANG Yuli  (561—575)
[Abstract](99) [PDF](301) [HTML]
Characteristics of Meteorological Factors over Different Landscape Types During Dust Storm Events in Cele, Xinjiang, China
MAO Donglei,LEI Jiaqiang,LI Shengyu,ZENG Fanjiang,WANG Cui,ZHOU Jie  (576—591)
[Abstract](145) [PDF](83) [HTML]
Diagnostic Study of Global Energy Cycle of the GRAPES Global Model in the Mixed Space-Time Domain
ZHAO Bin,ZHANG Bo  (592—606)
[Abstract](87) [PDF](63) [HTML]
Gust Front Statistical Characteristics and Automatic Identification Algorithm for CINRAD
ZHENG Jiafeng,ZHANG Jie,ZHU Keyun,LIU Liping,LIU Yanxia  (607—623)
[Abstract](200) [PDF](102) [HTML]
Ground-Based Observations of Unusual Atmospheric Light Emissions
YANG Jing,LU Gaopeng,DU Jian,PAN Weilin  (624—633)
[Abstract](123) [PDF](92) [HTML]
Tracking the Moisture Sources of an Extreme Precipitation Event in Shandong, China in July 2007:A Computational Analysis
ZHANG Chi,LI Qi  (634—644)
[Abstract](94) [PDF](79) [HTML]
Applications of an AMSR-E RFI Detection and Correction Algorithm in 1-DVAR over Land
WU Ying,WENG Fuzhong  (645—655)
[Abstract](121) [PDF](112) [HTML]
Spectrum Analysis of Wind Profiling Radar Measurements
RUAN Zheng,MU Ruiqi,WEI Ming,GE Runsheng  (656—667)
[Abstract](102) [PDF](78) [HTML]


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