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Welcome to Acta Meteorologica Sinica Editorial Office

Per the approval of the General Administration of Press and Publication of Peoples Republic of China, former Acta Meteorologica Sinica- English Edition is renamed to Journal of Meteorological Research (JMR) starting from the 2014 volume (Vol. 28).


Co-Chief Editors


DING Yihui National Climate Center (NCC), Beijing, China

WU Guoxiong Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing, China

Dalin ZHANG Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Maryland, College Park, USA

YU Rucong China Meteorological Administration, China

ZHANG Renhe Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences (CAMS), Beijing, China

YI Lan Chinese Meteorological Society (CMS), Beijing, China




Huaqing CAI US Army Research Laboratory, USA

DUAN Yihong CAMS, China

Qiang FU University of Washington, USA

Yu GU University of California, Los Angeles, USA

GUAN Zhaoyong Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST), China

GUO Xueliang CAMS, China

Zhichang GUO Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies, USA

Eric Hendricks Naval Research Laboratory, USA

HO Kin-Fai The Chinese University of Hongkong, China

HU Yongyun Peking University, China

Yi HUANG McGill University, Canada

Jun LI University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Laurent Zhaoxin LI Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, IPSL/CNRS/UPMC, France

Tim LI University of Hawaii, USA

LI Xiaofan Zhejiang University, China

Guosheng LIU Florida State University, USA

Hui LIU National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA

Zhengyu LIU University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
QIE Xiushu IAP, CAS, China

TAN Benkui Peking University, China

Bin WANG University of?Hawaii, USA

WANG Jianjie National Meteorological Center, China

Junhong WANG University of New York at Albany, USA

Yuqing WANG University of Hawaii, USA

Zhien WANG University of Wyoming, USA

Jonathon S. Wright Tsinghua University, China

WU Liguang NUIST, China

WU Renguang City University of Hongkong, China

XUE Jishan CAMS, China

Yongkang XUE University of California at Los Angeles, USA

YAN Zhongwei IAP, CAS, China

YANG Song Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Zongliang YANG University of Texas at Austin, USA

ZHAI Panmao CAMS, China

Jianglong ZHANG University of North Dakota, USA

Fuqing ZHANG Pennsylvania State University, USA


Editorial staff:
YI Lan(伊 兰)CHEN Zhirong(陈志荣)LI Shuri(李淑日)ZHANG Xueyan(张雪艳)ZHAO Xiuying(赵秀英)WANG Xiangguo(王祥国)
Editor-on-Duty: CHEN Zhirong for No 2,4,6, 2015;Li Shuri for No 1,3,5, 2015;......

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