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Important Notice to Author(s)!

The following question has to be answered before the online submission of your manuscript:
Was the Chinese version of this paper ever published?
(a) Yes, it was published in Acta Meteorologica Sinica Chinese Edition.
(b) Yes, it was published in another journal other than (a) in Chinese.
(c) No, it was never published before in whatever languange form.
If your answer is (a), please exit the online submission system now and mail your manuscript directly to
If your answer is (b) or (c), please proceed to download the Copyright Transfer Agreement under the main webpage menu "For Authors" and then "Copyright Information." Afterwards, you may continue to submit your manuscript online. 
Information for Contributors
Acta  Meteorologica Sinica  (English edition)(new title: Journal of Meteorological Research from 2014) is an international academic journal in atmospheric sciences edited and published by the Editorial Office of ACTA  Meteorologica Sinica, sponsored by the Chinese Meteorological Society. It has been acting as a bridge of academic exchange between Chinese and foreign meteorologists and aiming at the introduction of the current advancements in atmospheric sciences in China. The journal columns include Articles, Note and Correspondence, and research letters. Contributions from all over the world are welcome.
Manuscripts and communications relative to editorial matters should be sent to the Editorial Office of Acta  Meteorologica Sinica, Chinese Meteorological Society, Beijing 100081, P. R. China; E-mail:, Phone number: 86-10-68407634. Submission of a contribution is assumed to indicate that no similar  paper, other than an abstract or preliminary report, has been, or will be, submitted for publication elsewhere. Please include your E-mail address, phone and fax numbers on the first page of the manuscript. Two complete copies of  the manuscript should be submitted by conventional mail, meanwhile its electronic version in MS word or PDF form should be sent by E-mail to
Manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate and be type-written on one side only and regular margins and pages must be numbered consecutively. Brevity and lucidity are encouraged and papers each consisting of less than 15 printed pages include figures, tables and references are preferred. Each manuscript generally includes the following components: (1) title, author’s name, affiliation; (2) abstract; (3) key words; (4) text; (5) acknowledgement; (6) appendix; (7) references; and (8) tables and figures.
References should be arranged alphabetically without numbering at the end of the paper and the text citation should consist of the name of the author and the year of publication. The references for an article and book should be in the following form respectively:
Parasnis, S. S., and S. S. Goyal,1989:Thermodynamic  feature of the atmospheric boundary during the summer monsoon. Atmos. Environment, 24,743-753.
Zhang Jiabao,1984:Introduction to Xinjiang Precipitation. China Meteorological Press ,PP.14-16. (in Chinese)
Figures should be mentioned specifically and numbered consecutively in the text. All the figures are preferably made about twice final size and lettering should be large enough so that after reduction the smallest character will be at least 1.5 mm high .Give a detailed caption to each figure and note the approximate location of each figure and its caption in the text
Tables should be typed directly at the appropriate location (s) in the text and arranged successively with Arabic numerals .
Footnotes, other than those which refer to the title heading ,should be numbered successively and placed at the foot of the page to which they refer (not at the end of the paper).the authors requested to reduce the use of footnotes to a minimum.
The International system of Units should be used throughout. Words and symbols should not be mixed; in general, symbols should be used only when preceded by a number. Unit symbols are not punctuated, i.e., they are not treated as abbreviation; the same symbol is used for both singular and plural .Abbreviation should be avoided, especially of organizations and acronyms should be identified with the first use. The other items not mentioned here should be dealt with according to the worldwide conventional rules.
Authors’ institutions are requested to pay a publication charge, which if  honored, entitles authors to 30 free reprints. The  rate is  US $25.00 per page.

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